The Encounter

As I walked into the store

Going about mabizness, minding mabizness

I spotted a finelooking brother who looked like his eye had caught something too

In seconds, like a zoom on a camera

He was right in front of me

Hello there, what might be your lovely name?

I’m Nanya,

Nanya, Nanya who?

Nanya-bizzness, I shot back irritably as though I was not enjoying the attention

His cheeky smile made him even more attractive

You are quite funny, he said

Thanks, so, what’s your name, I asked

I go by Mabiz.

What kind of name is Mabiz?

Mabiz-ness, he replied

Hahaha. You’ve got jokes too, I said

We shared a laugh, a connection was made

So Nanya, what’s your real name

It’s Hardtoget Hardtopronounce!

I hollered as I left the store.

Kicking myself all the way home

I asked myself

Was that necessary?

The thought of running into him again made the thrill even more exciting

Just like in the movies right?

After all, a connection had been made.


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